Rank Kits

- If you want to upgrade your rank to a more expensive one, your current ranks price will be deducted (Except for Boomer 30 Day trial)
- You will be able to claim the One Time Only kit from each previous rank to the one you donated for.

- The Boomer 30 Day OP rank will expire after 30 Days from the time of your donation.  If you already have a donation rank when obtaining the Boomer 30 Day rank, you will automatically be reset back to that rank when it expires.

- (During Beta) - Since we are giving away Sparkler Rank for free, you must use the discount code WKDG-CDPD-9TFY  if you want to upgrade your rank to a higher tier.  This is a $5 off discount code to only be used to negate the price of Sparkler when upgrading.


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